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There aren’t an excessive amount of anticipations from the music of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal. The major explanation is the picture’s type that makes one think that situational music could be the request of the day. Additionally one doesn’t recollect a lone melody from Malamaal Weekly, first of the portions from the Malamaal succession. Nothing the matter with that on account of the picture is still recalled and that is precisely the anticipation from Priyadarshan-a ‘dhamaal’ performer. Concerning the music, silver coating is in the type of Sajid-Wajid who are having some fantastic luck. With Wajid on top of Jalees Sherwani as the lyricist, one holds up to see what they need to award.


The collection kick-begins with ‘Dariya Ho’ which has an opening beat comparable to that of ‘Chammak Challo’ [Rowdy Rathore], a Sajid-Wajid creation. Nevertheless the tune goes ahead a’s particular within a matter of seconds with Shadaab Faridi starting the processes with some ‘desi’ verses by Jalees Sherwani. The most engaging part of the melody however are parcels by Monali Thakur who is great once more and gives great group to Shadaab in this enjoyment sentimental number which has a celebratory feel to it, specifically in the ‘remix form’.

Subsequently to arrive is an article number ‘Desi Mem’ which clearly arrives a little excessively at a young hour in the day. Involving Hinglish verses with a tune which moves a notable feel of deja vu, ‘Desi Mem’ has Mamta Sharma as the standard suspect advancing out of date. Yes, the pace is there and so are the beats which could guarantee that the melody keeps you engaged in the midst of its play on screen. Then again, past the picture’s run, this Wajid composed tune that additionally offers Sarosh Sami doesn’t positively blanket much separation.

Keerthi Sagathia and Sugandha Mishra match up for ‘Zor Naache’ and by this time one thing which is truly obvious that the collection has a unwavering sound to it. On account of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is situated in a village, there are no Western sways in the soundtrack and that would be something that Sajid-Wajid have guaranteed in every last tune. Same is the situation with ‘Zor Naache’ also which has a total rural feel to it with Wajid’s verses fitting in well as well. However this festival number isn’t the kind to spot music group of onlookers past the picture’s run, it does well as filler.

‘Ishq Ki Dafli Baje’ that comes subsequently has a charming feel to it with tune as its pace. Helping one to remember ‘Maayi Ri Maayi’ [Hum Aapke Hain Koun] in its beats, sound and generally speaking game plans, this Jalees Sherwani composed track has Babul Supriyo, Sugandha Mishra and Bela Shende meeting up. The artists help one to remember a large number of a tune rendered by Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik while (once more) in addition verging on ‘Chammak Challo’ [Rowdy Rathore].

There is included sport with Ringa’ which is the greatest of the part but surprisingly has a go at the precise close. An enjoyment festival part number picturised on Anjana Sukhani, it has an addictive beat and gets on with you in the precise first listening. Sung by Ujjaini, it has some ‘desi’ game plans by Sajid-Wajid that just accommodate the purpose advance. Jalees Sherwani’s are simple to ears moreover and the melody has the sort of mood that might as well get on crosswise over experience amasses. The remix form with Abhilasha Chellam is a great add-on to the collection also and just helps in further memory.

On the same lines of Ringa’ comes ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal-Theme’ track. While the style in which Uvie plus Wajid sing this one is pointed at the exhibition, anticipate it to be played at diverse crossroads of the picture’s account, in particular the crazy instants.


Music of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is superior to what one looked for from it. However a couple of melodies meanwhile are not too bad, at minimum several tracks (incorporating ‘Dariya Ho’ and ‘Ishq Ki Dafli Baje’) do well with Ringa’ advancing the cluster. All in all, the tunes might as well do well in pepping up the picture’s (looked for) quick paced story.


Director :- Priyadarshan.
Stars :- Asrani , Shakti Kapoor and Razzak Khan.