Mafia (2011)Mafia (2011) Free Movie Downloads :- Mafia is a wrongdoing flick in the convention of New Jack City featuring Ving Rhames as Renzo,a insanely fierce yearning wrongdoing kingpin wanting to take over the entire city with the assistance of his group.

Set in the 70′s and shot 70′s style with an old school R&B soundtrack, we look as Renzo slaughters everybody standing in his direction while a couple of cops attempt to associate him to the wrongdoings. The cops, an instigator with a vendetta played by Pam Grier and a laid back straight bolt played by Robert Patrick, can’t get the hoodlum in the gesture as he goes around putting forth himself as a true blue transaction financier.

There’s not much to this motion picture. It’s savage, actually short, and Ving Rhames makes an extraordinary showing in a part that plays to his qualities permitting him to be both brilliant and savage, not unlike his character in Pulp Fiction. The two cops are guaranteed however the actors’ exhibitions are decently exceptional. The final part of the supporting throws is quite ghastly, awful particularly thinking about what amount of time is used on Renzo’s cognizant stricken right hand man.

The motion picture doesn’t have much to state or anything, other than the 70′s setting, to set it aside from different motion pictures of its caring. There are intermittent references to blacksploitation yet they’re not a tremendous part of the film. Rhames wears African attire and Pam Grier is clearly playing a riff on her Foxy Brown part however this film never has the battling the framework mentality of the aforementioned excellent motion pictures.

Fundamentally, this is an acceptable, bland small wrongdoing flick that is all in all watchable, in particular for fans of Rhames, however don’t need a prototypal.


Director: Ryan Combs
Writer: Ryan Combs
Stars: Ving Rhames, Pam Grier, Sean Derry