Silent Hill Revelation 3D (2012)Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) Free Movie Downloads :- Rose Da Silva (Radha Mitchell) and her girl Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) are trapped in Silent Hill, an exchange extent covered in falling cinder. Rose contacts her spouse Christopher (Sean Bean) in practical reality by way of a mirror and devises a workable plan to send Sharon to him utilizing an ornament. Climbed stays behind to occupy the faction that desires Sharon. Sharon has no memory of the occasions in Silent Hill, and Christopher misleads her that her mother perished in an auto crash.

A long time later, a young Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) and her father exist under the posited personalities of Heather and Harry Mason separately. Heather colored her hair blonde to look distinctive. The pair are ceaselessly moving and adjusting their characters to stow away from the faction. Heather experiences repeating bad dreams in which she is in the Silent Hill event congregation where she is situated burning by the malevolent Alessa. Truly throughout her trip to class, Heather is addressed regarding her personality by Douglas Cartland (Martin Donovan), a private specialist contracted by the religion, yet Heather maintains a strategic distance from the scenario. At school she meets Vincent (Kit Harrington), a different learner who she pursues into the school changes into a nightmarish interchange actuality. After school she again sees Douglas, and calls her father cautioning him that somebody is accompanying her. Her father consents to pick her up at their concurred spot. After the call, Harry is kidnapped by an unseen energy. Later, Heather sits tight at a shopping center for Harry when actuality again shifts, unleashing tremendous animals. Following avoiding the creatures, Heather experiences Douglas who is executed by a beast and dragged afar. Upon coming back to this present reality, Heather gem Douglas’ cadaver and escapes.

Heather dividends home and discovers a note painted on the divider: “Come to Silent Hill”. Went hand in hand with by Vincent, she gathers the talisman and the pair escape to Silent Hill as policemen arrive. There, Vincent uncovers that he is faction guide Claudia Wolf’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) offspring, sent to carry Heather to the faction, yet he is unwilling to on the grounds that she is the great a large part of Alessa. The town converts into the bad dream extent, and Vincent illuminates Heather that she is the one answerable for modifying the actuality and coordinates Heather to Claudia’s father Leonard Wolf, who is secured a shelter. Vincent is gotten by a beast and Heather is thumped unconscious.

She wakes up in the fiery debris-covered Silent Hill and meets Alessa’s mother Dahlia (Deborah Kara Unger). Heather inquires as to her father’s whereabouts and the other a large part of the ornament, however Dahlia uncovers that Heather is the appearance of the exceptional side of Alessa’s soul, then lets her know to take blanket as the murkiness methodologies. In the mean time, Vincent is impugned as a trickster by the faction for attempting to safeguard Heather. Claudia then requests her men to take Vincent to the haven to be “cured”.

In the refuge, Heather meets Leonard (Malcolm McDowell) who is destitute of vision, and lets her know that Claudia bolted him up on the grounds that she supposed he was tainted with dullness. Leonard illustrates that the talisman’s object is to “uncover the accurate nature of things” and drives Heather’s special necklace into his midsection, where its other half lies. The ornament changes and Leonard is changed into a creature, yet Heather thrashings him by concentrating the entire ornament. Heather is then caught by the patients. The creature Pyramid Head arrives and butchers the patients, permitting Heather the opportunity to escape. Heather treasure Vincent strapped to a gurney encompassed by huge medical attendants. Heather liberates him and they escape. The pair in the end land at the entertainment mecca, where Harry is kept hostage by the faction. Vincent utilizes himself as a preoccupation for Claudia’s gatekeepers, permitting Heather into the park.

Heather is faced by Alessa and they go to battle on behalf of predominance, with Heather overcoming Alessa and engrossing her. Heather then discovers the faction in addition to Claudia, Vincent, and Harry. Claudia states that Heather was carried back to not just obliterate Alessa, yet to serve as the hatchery that will life commencement their god, who will scrub the universe of sin. Claudia touches the ornament and she is changed into a creature, the same animal that murdered Douglas and awhile ago struck Heather. She attempts to execute Heather, yet Pyramid Head intercedes and after a battle beheads Claudia.

With the clique decimated and Alessa’s equity served, the powder quit falling on the town. Harry decides on to stay in Silent Hill to find Rose. Heather and Vincent stroll out of Silent Hill and go into practical reality where they get a ride from a man named Travis Grady. He drives the pair off as numerous police autos and a jail transport voyage into Silent Hill, and powder starts to fall. After the credits Pyramid Head is viewed strolling down a foyer which suggests that Silent Hill has not been completely rinsed of the obscurity.


Director: Michael J. Bassett
Writer: Michael J. Bassett
Stars: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean | See full cast and crew