The Thieves (2012)The Thieves (2012) Free Movie Downloads :-  Dong-hoon Choi’s “The Thieves” effectively returns to the heist kind that first carried him to popularity. This time around, the creation utilization a troupe throws of secured, adolescent and veteran actors from Korea and Hong Kong who all carry their “An” amusement and then some. Utilizing the heist as a scenery, the picture weaves in a few affection stories, a betray, a triple cross or two and some great old design retribution to keep things intriguing.

“The Thieves” is something like two opponent crews of con men/women who met up when Macao Park, the driving force, dangles an overpowering $20 million pay day. In spite of the fact that the examinations can appear evident, this is not “Ocean’s Eleven” or “The Italian Job.” The men and ladies in this picture don’t meet up to assist an old companion or right a wrong. They are here to get rich and if. This is increasingly in accordance with “City burning,” or Tarantino’s redo of it – Reservoir Dogs. The point when poop hits the fan, its each man, lady and canine for themselves.

There is an incredible bargain of craftsmanship in Choi’s filmmaking. Like other extraordinary executives, Choi insightfully carried his associates from his past activities. The effect is an exceptionally taut and snappy while not being overly stylized, and a greatly tight paced film that, regardless of its 135 moment running time, is never dull. The activity set pieces are adrenaline filled and decisively executed. Hollywood might as well come courting Choi and get him to carry his group curious to see what happens.

This picture is fabricated around a gathering throws, however since it is a Korean generation, the Korean group is somewhat more fleshed out. Jung-jae Lee plays Popie, the Korean group’s guide. Lee plays him convincingly smooth and cordial while overflowing sleaze out of each grin. Pepsee (Hye-soo Kim) and Yenical (Gianna Jun) give the sight to behold on the Korean side of the fringe. Hye-soo Kim gives a weighty and nuanced exhibition as the more develop of the two female adversaries and the group’s safecracker. She moves from adoration, then treachery and at long last to steely determination with just her eyes and the smallest turn of her lips. Moreover, Gianna Jun gives a delightful pouty exhibition that is both enchanting and fun. Her character Yenicall is everything legs, colossal eyes, in length rushing hair and she utilizes the aforementioned holdings expertly as the crew’s aspiring wire authority.

There are two exceptional exhibitions in this picture. The main originates from Hae-sook Kim. She is an amazingly deft character, adding gravitas and soul to her character Chewingum. Simon Yam gives us the second significant exhibition as Chen, the guide of the Hong Kong equip with nerves of steel. Chewingum and Chen fill in as spouse and wife heightened rollers who out of the blue make an association throughout the work. The dynamic between the aforementioned two actors feels unmistakably legitimate. As a result of this, their last rough and tumultuous scene together (flawlessly shot in moderate movement) is a strong minute of edification. There may have been a little insight of dampness in the corner of my eyes.

The craft heading and photography is astonishing. Choi and his chief of photography, Young-hwan Choi made a picture that looks and feels like a studio form shoot. Utilizing an adjusted approach with elevated key lighting and rich, yet not overly immersed colors, they convey a picture that looks as natural and smoking as the actors. An enticing side note to picture is the dress. Every living soul is perfectly dressed, aside from some excuse for why, the picture’s principle character, Macao Park. The final picture where the dress truly made an impact on me was “Layer Cake”.


Release date: October 12, 2012 (USA)
Director: Choi Dong-hun
Running time: 136 minutes
Producer: Ahn Soo-Hyun
Screenplay: Choi Dong-hun, Lee Gi-Cheol