Plot: Bor, Serbia, once the most fantastic copper mine, now simply the most excellent hole in Europe. Minor union shows are going ahead. Toda and Stefan are best equipped mates, skaters, who speculate their first mid year following finishing school. Stefan’s set up to Belgrade to the University in fall. Toda declares he wouldn’t connect with the School regardless of the fact that he had the cash. They invest some time catching Jackass-like film cuts and hanging out with Dunja, who returned from France for her vacations…Nikola Lezaic is the chief and essayist of the film. The star throws of the film are Marko Todorovic, Stefan Djordjevic and Dunja Kovacevic. Download full films and download Tilva Ros from here.


Director : Nikola Lezaic

Cast : Marko Todorovic, Stefan Djordjevic and Dunja Kovacevic

Sound: 9/10

Film: 9/10